Sahira is the author of Boffin Bubble , the blog where you find a boffin rants on a little bit of everything and mostly students, mental health, and bullet journaling. She is determined to writes her heart out embracing the thoughts of a bespectacled girl in the science world.

Sahira is based in Malaysia and studying Biomedical Sciences for her Bachelors degree. She is trying her luck in spilling her charms in this writing space aside from the scientific writings she used to.

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The Transcending Mind of a Grad

This is the point at which all fresh grads find themselves that they succeed!!! They have finally graduated and all the efforts put into making every progress every journey that was first seemed daunting, have now turned into something significant – which paid off really well. “Look! I’m now a graduate!”

What’s in my mind these days?

It has been a while and the last time I rant it here was the last month. I was super inactive with this blog due to several reasons hampered my way lately which are both unexpected and impactful I would say…

7 things you can do to have the most from reading

As you let the words carry you through, did the information you had lasted just long enough when you required it the most? Or it just gone ‘beep’ missing into the unknown memory folders before you have it on your notes and to keep thinking about it.
You are upset that you keep forgetting what you have read and it has definitely affected your work performance.